TenKiLoS delivers effective lifelong weight management to those so often failed by diets. It will permanently transform your relationship with food by showing you how to build a new, healthier, food orientation - one that is adapted around your own lifestyle and food preferences.


TenKiLoS equips you with the essential Knowledge you need, a practical LifeChange framework for achieving permanent weight loss as well as a comprehensive Support environment - to ensure that you achieve your goals.


With TenKiLoS you can attain your ideal weight and gain lifelong mastery of weight management - all achievable within 10 months of starting! Every journey starts with the first step; so please spend ten minutes exploring


And membership of TenKiLoS includes other benefits: 

Tenkilos Active

Tenkilos Active

Tenkilos Active

Tenkilos Active is  designed to help you lead a healthier, and more active, life.


Tenkilos Active provides advice and guidance on how to become more physically active; as well as numerous links, introductions & exclusive discounts to expert leisure & activity centres and events.  


Tenkilos Profit

Tenkilos Profit

Tenkilos Profit provides every member with the opportunity to create a significant income - simply by sharing their own success story with others who could also benefit. No selling is involved; all we ask is that you recommend they visit - to see if it's for them.


We pay generous repeat commissions to our members because we know that personal recommendation is by far the best form of endorsement.


We are happy to let our incredible results, rather than traditional sales & marketing campaigns, expand our membership and thereby share the success.

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Join now

TenKiLoS has a joining fee of *£59 after which membership is just £30 per month. Unbelievable value - ensuring that TenKiLoS remains genuinely accessible to everyone.

(*joining fee covers registration, training & personal support network setup)



So, are you ready to Transform your health & lifestyle?

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