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Your Buddy will support you throughout your LifeChange journey. They are the key supportive friend who you can pick up the phone to when you need a nudge to stay on course, to discuss a difficult day, or celebrate a minor victory with.

TenKiLoS » Support ⇒ Buddy

The role of Buddy is ideally filled by a close friend, a relative, or a neighbour (it often works best if your Buddy is already your 'buddy'). You will be shown how to identify and recruit a suitable Buddy - ideally from amongst your existing contacts.


Your Buddy will receive a short 'Buddy Manual' - which contains clear and concise guidance about how they can best support you in this important role. 


Depending on the nature of your relationship it may not be important that your Buddy lives close to you, as modern communications can render distances immaterial. For others the ability to meet up for the occasional coffee might be seen as desirable.