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As with your Buddy, your Coach will support you throughout your transformational LifeChange journey.


However, your Coach has a different but complementary role to play; their principle responsibility being to lead one-to-one progress reviews with you on a weekly basis - and to discuss any changes that could improve your performance.


You get your own personal Coach - and YOU will become one too...


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TenKiLoS » Support ⇒ Coach

You... & your Coach

Tenkilos uses a proven approach called Peer Coaching. This has a number of advantages including; reinforcement through shared goals, the exchange of knowledge & ideas and enhancing the motivation to succeed. It has the added advantage of ensuring a robust Support environment whilst keeping TenKiLoS incredibly cost effective.


The use of Peer Coaching ensures that all members develop a good understanding of the challenges, as well as a shared motivation to tackle them. You will learn all about it in Support training and the 'Peer Coaching' manual - which fully explain the role & responsibilities both as a Coach and as the recipient of coaching.


Peer Coaching is designed not only to maximize individual performance through increased knowledge and sharing but also to boost your self-confidence. Just think how good it will feel to not only transform your own relationship with food but to also play a significant role in the success of your coaching partner.