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TenKiLoS LifeChange is a practical method that shows you how to use your growing Knowledge to take effective control over what you eat & drink.


The TenKiLoS program is not a diet and your food decisions are just that - decisions made by you that harness your Knowledge & Support to guide your own unique journey - based around your own food preferences.


The LifeChange method is taught across 4 modules (3 hours of study) and these are abbreviated using the acronym PAR2 ('par two').


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LifeChange (4 modules) » PAR2 ('par two')

(Planning, Addiction/habit breaking, Record, Review):

P = Planning

Explains the value of planning ahead; not months or weeks - but day to day. It also introduces an excellent online tool that can generate instant meal plans based on your day to day requirements - however much you may change them. 

A = Addiction/habit breaking

This module introduces a practical method for identifying, isolating and breaking those ‘hard to break’ food & drink habits that may be hampering your ability to lose weight.

R(1) = Recording

Key to success is an awareness of what you are doing and how to improve it. This module explains what we should record & why and explains a simple online form that can be completed in seconds.

R(2) = Reviewing

Your personal Coach will be leading regular progress reviews in order to help you assess and adapt your approach, as necessary. In this module you will discover your role - as well as your responsibilities! 

TenKiLoS » Knowledge, LifeChange, Support (T»KLS)

The TenKiLoS LifeChange method encourages a knowledge based improvement in your food choices - enabling you to rapidly establish weight loss before targeting your own 'ideal' weight goals.