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Peer Coaching - it's a breeze!

Peer Coaching is not in any way difficult and it is fully explained in the Support training together with the 'Peer Coaching' manual.


Anybody capable of changing their relationship with food is capable of being an effective Peer Coach at the same time. Indeed, for most people, it is likely to prove helpful - as well as being a significant confidence booster.


TenKiLoS » Support ⇒ Peer Coaching

Coaching Pairs

You will pair up with another TenKiLoS member to form a Peer Coaching pair. Their primary role as your Coach is to lead a once-weekly structured review of your progress. Your role is precisely the same, in reverse.


These reviews have an important role within the LifeChange method. They are more than just an exchange of recorded information, they are also an opportunity to discuss any problems or challenges - as well as the tactics that could improve performance, going forward.


Adopting the role of Coach is designed to have a positive effect on your own motivation and discipline. Much of your own efforts will be of benefit to your partner - as well as to you. In the same way, your coaching partner’s performance will be enhanced by being your Coach. Peer Coaching ensures all members are proficient in the key aspects of the LifeChange method and the Knowledge that underpins it - which again is to the benefit of all.


An effective Coaching pair creates a virtuous circle in which understanding, knowledge sharing and progress is accelerated for both. And remember - you both have unlimited 24/7 access to the entire Tenkilos Community - that's all the other members, as well as our professional staff - for advice and support.


If you're wondering how you will pair up with a Coaching partner, or even the mechanism by which you can change that partner - in the event that the relationship isn’t delivering the desired results; be assured that everything is in place.


[Pros = increases their attention/study etc as they are working for two, not just self. ##ADD SELF ESTEEM BENEFITS Makes effective use of FD forms more likely (as must read wrt their subjects). Also Coaching duties act as a good guide/reference to their level of self-discipline (& likely success on TK).   Twice weekly Reviews - YES. Daily checks? NO, not mandated but is an option for pairs that want to do it in addition to the 2x45 min CRMs?>>]