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+Prof Coaching

+Prof coaching gives you the option of purchasing the services of your own professional Tenkilos coach - to support you throughout your 10-month LifeChange journey.


Please note - for the majority of members the standard, Peer coaching model is recommended, and this incurs no additional fees.


(+Prof coaching is not included in the standard model & fees and, if chosen, must be purchased separately - details below)


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TenKiLoS » Support ⇒ +Prof


+Prof coaching may be favoured by members who consider themselves to be 'cash rich/time poor' or by those convinced that they would benefit from the 'authority' of a professional Coach.


+Prof coaching costs £1890  (this includes your  joining fee but not the standard monthly membership fees which will be collected by direct debit as per the standard model).


+Prof Coaching provides you with the services of professional Tenkilos Coaching for the whole 10-month (43 week) duration of your LifeChange program. Your coach will lead each of your weekly progress reviews during this period.

(ADD t&c = skype etc??)