TenKiLoS - profit model


By sharing your own success and recommending others to visit the tenkilos.com website you not only guide them towards a lighter, healthier, life - you will also receive repeat commissions, throughout their membership!


Please have a look at the example below - in which, over time, you have introduced ten new members - and they have each done the same - this could build you an annual income of £10,000! And remember, we don't ask you to sell TenKiLoS; simply recommend a visit to www.tenkilos.com to those who could benefit (new members are asked to identify their referrer).


TenKiloS pays a 10% commission on all fees collected from the members you introduce (your Level1). It also pays you 7% on any members that they subsequently introduce (your Level2) and 2% on any introductions made by the members in your Level2 (called your Level3). See the illustration below:


The business concept of successful businessman on money rolls in. Finance wealth profit. Retro style pop art


Commission income based on 10's (£monthly incomes):


Level1 = 10 members <10% (£3) x 10> =            £30


Level2 = 100 members <7% (£2.1) x 100> =      £210 


Level3 = 1000 members <2% (£0.6) X 1000> = £600


YOUR INCOME: £840 monthly = £10,080 per annum (=£tenkilos!)


(other examples):

For 3 referred members (Level1), all referring 3 etc.   =  £529 pa

For 15 referred members (Level1), all referring 15 etc.= £30,510 pa

You will only recommend TenKiLoS when successful  - so our success really IS YOUR success!