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Effective support is important when we challenge ourselves to make a significant change - and you will have access to unparalleled support throughout your LifeChange journey.


Working with you, we will construct your own support network that covers all the bases - from informal chats & discussions, regular progress reviews and unlimited access to a 24/7 support Community.


The creation and use of your own personal support network is explained over 3 training modules (2 hours study) and these are abbreviated using the acronym BC2 ('bee cee two').

Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle and represent team support and help concept.

Support (3 modules) » BC2 ('bee cee two')

(Buddy, Coach & Community):

B = Buddy

You will have your own Buddy; someone who can lend you an ear, support and advice on a day to day basis - as you require. Your Buddy will be there whenever you need some motivation, to share a minor victory - or even to act as a shoulder to cry on.

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C(1) = Coach

Your Coach will lead regular reviews of your progress, and discuss your concerns & questions. So, whilst your Buddy is there to share your success and frustrations, your Coach reviews your actual progress and discusses any adjustments that may help. 

more about Coach


C(2) = Community

Community serves two distinct purposes: Firstly, it is a 24/7 online forum - for the free exchange of ideas, tips, advice & support between all members as well as the Tenkilos professional staff.

Community also provides ongoing training, support & advice.


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For many the challenge of losing a significant amount of weight can appear as daunting as the breaking of an addiction.

Tenkilos acknowledges this by providing unlimited support, encouragement and motivation - ensuring that you stay focused on making your own LifeChange journey a success.

[NB: Pre-requisites: web savvy (FD), facebook member/join, pref skype (MRM’s)].