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Effective body weight management is a vital life skill, not a series of difficult sacrifices dictated by short-lived diets. 


TenKiLoS weight management teaches, guides and supports you to steadily transform your relationship with food. You will build a new, healthier and permanent, food orientation - one based on your own unique food preferences.


TenKiLoS » Lose weight - for life!

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TenKiLoS » Knowledge, LifeChange & Support (T»KLS)

The TenKiLoS approach comprises 3 core elements:  Knowledge, LifeChange & Support.


Knowledge: provides the essential 'pre-start' understanding of food, nutrition & human behaviour.


LifeChange: the practical method for setting, achieving & maintaining your own weight goals.


Support: the comprehensive personal support network designed to ensure your success.


On joining you gain unlimited access to the required 'pre-start' training in the 3 core elements: 

Knowledge, LifeChange & Support (about 10 hours study). 


Then, when you decide, your LifeChange journey begins: first by establishing a steady weight loss before progressing towards your 'ideal' body weight - at the same time that you are developing a lifelong mastery of personal weight management.

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Knowledge (5hrs)

A clear explanation of weight problems in the context of nutrition, health and human behaviour. Knowledge training also introduces practical aspects that are further developed in LifeChange & Support.  more...

TenKiLoS Transform

LifeChange (3hrs)

A practical method for transforming your own unique relationship with food. Comprehensive but flexible, LifeChange empowers you to build a new food orientation - based on YOUR own preferences. more...

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Support (2hrs)

You will have unrivalled Support throughout your LifeChange journey; your own personal Buddy, a Coaching partner and 24/7 access to the TenKiLoS Community.  more...

TenKiLoS » Knowledge, LifeChange & Support (T»KLS)

TenKiLoS Transform

Is TenKiLoS for you?

TenKiLoS is designed for everyone who wants to master lifelong weight management in order to resolve, or even avoid, a personal weight problem. Two thirds (67%) of our adult population is officially classed as being overweight or obese; and in addition to negative impacts on lifestyle this often leads directly to serious, or life-threatening, health issues.


After just 10 hours of 'pre-start' study you will be ready to start your own LifeChange journey - surrounded by all the support, motivation & guidance you need to succeed. No communal weigh-ins, no drafty village halls, because with TenKiLoS you are always in charge.


TenKiLoS is life changing...

Are you ready?


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