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TenKiLoS shows you how to achieve your 'ideal' body weight - and then maintain it for life. For this knowledge is vital and TenKiLoS Knowledge enables YOU to start making the right decisions in order to optimize your own, unique, relationship with food.


TenKiLoS Knowledge training starts by clarifying the often confusing messages surrounding diets, nutrition and exercise. It explains the basic food groups in a simple and clear manner - revealing the WHAT & the WHY behind healthy and unhealthy foods. Knowledge also shows you how to isolate and tackle bad food habits and how to use modern food labelling to make better choices.


TenKiLoS Knowledge training is condensed into 6 modules (5 hours of study) that are abbreviated using the acronym DENFAC (see below):

Fats Carbs Proteins 3 red dice to illustrate good balanced eating or nutrition with healthy foods and diet habits

Knowledge (6 modules) » DENFAC

(Diets, Energy, Nutrition, Food labelling, Addictions/habits & Consequences):

D = Diets

Why do diets so often fail? This module explains the changes that occur when we diet and why diets so often lead to yo-yo weight fluctuations followed by long-term weight gain. Our body's fat:muscle ratio is often changed adversely by dieting.

E = Energy

This module explains the inescapable science behind weight management - the cornerstone of any credible weight loss initiative. It explains the role of Calories and shows how weight loss is achievable without the need for exercise. 

N = Nutrition

This module introduces & explains the main food groups along with the fundamental properties they posses - and how these affect our health and energy levels - both for good and for bad.

F = Food Labelling

Modern food labelling gives us a wealth of useful information - if we know how to use it and respect our own limits. This module links with the previous one (Nutrition) to explain how to make increasingly smart food choices.

A = Addictions/habits

Just what couldn’t you give up? You might be pleasantly surprised. This module explains the difference between a habit and an addiction in relation to common foods that we may be struggling to control.

C = Consequences

This module explains an array of medical conditions associated with being overweight or obese - without the hype - and shows how easy it can be to seriously damage our health & even our life expectancy.


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TenKiLoS Knowledge training provides the essential information you need about the nutritional & behavioural factors that contribute to successful lifelong weight management.