TenKiLoS timeline

TenKiLoS weight management is designed specifically to address our individual differences. However, the TenKiLoS timeline (below) provides a rough indication of the rate of progress you could expect after joining.


Ten hours: GET IT - the pre-start training (Knowledge, LifeChange & Support) represents approx. 10 hours study.


Ten weeks: LOSE IT - lose your first ten kilos (1.5 stones, or 22 pounds) within 10 weeks of starting your own LifeChange.


Ten months: NAIL IT - achieve your ideal body weight & transform your food orientation within 10 months!


Ten years+: ENJOY IT - revel in the benefits of your improved physique, your new relationship with food & improved health - for all your future decades.


If you can lose 'ten kilos' (10kg, 1.5 stones or 22 pounds) then you have the ability to become any weight you choose. With TenKiLoS YOU can lose that weight - just for starters!