Losing weight is a challenge, but keeping it off can prove even harder. For most people diets fail, and fail repeatedly, often leading to yo-yo weight fluctuations and even a long-term weight gain.

Tenkilos will show you how to lose weight permanently by radically improving your relationship with food. Tenkilos gives you all the knowledge, skills and support you need to lose weight – for LIFE!

So, if you are ready for a lighter, healthier and longer life – CTA BUTTON.

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don’t work! (and there are good reasons why not)

To lose weight and stay lighter you need to Transform your relationship with food. (lighter, years ahead)

Tenkilos is a Knowledge based Transformational approach that can permanently defeat weight problems or obesity.

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Why Lifestyle change?

In the long term diets just don’t work. For most people, they never will – as they lead to yo-yo weight fluctuations and ultimately to weight gain. But Lifestyle change can’t be achieved by following a prescriptive list of what to eat or relentlessly counting calories with little understanding of why. Tenkilos is NOT a diet – but a lifestyle change approach to tackling a very real problem and the transformation it delivers means that you will lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Why Tenkilos?

Tenkilos is a knowledge based approach to transforming your relationship with food. It will show you how to gain control of your body weight, not for a short period – but for life. It does this by using a mix of education and an evolutionary change method – within a totally supportive environment.(Tenkilos Transform has 3 key elements: Knowledge, LifeChange & Support).

There are 7 reasons why this approach is called Tenkilos; these are for you to discover – as your journey begins (they’re all on the website). To get you started, here’s the first: Tenkilos is a ten month change program. That means that within ten months you can lose all the kilos you want to AND have mastered control over your body weight for life.  

And that’s just the first of 7 reasons. Interested?

Join Tenkilos – for a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

NEEDS NEW LOCATION: Tenkilos is the result of extensive research. It blends a proven weight loss strategy with key aspects of treatments associated with the breaking of habits and addictions.


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